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Thread: HSM, deduplication and compression

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    HSM, deduplication and compression


    In presentation (PDF) about SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 Hierarchical storage management feature is mentioned as "Enterprise Consumable". Are there any plans in implementing that feature? We are also interested in Deduplication and Compression functionality and SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 (according to the consumer presentation) has that second partially ready. Do You have any more information about their status/plans or is it just dependent on Ceph open source platform?


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    Re: HSM, deduplication and compression

    Hi Mike,

    SUSE doesn't normally comment on products and features that have not yet been announced.

    If you visit SUSE Enterprise Storage and ask for a 60 day Free trial, you will be able to download an Evaluation copy of SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 x86-64.

    The links on the above page currently point to the SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 Documentation. I'll report that to SUSE and get it corrected. In the mean time, look here for SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 documentation.
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