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> i am planning to build a new suse open stack cloud.I need your help to
> make an accurate capacity planning for the following Scenario
> - Total Number of VM: =116
> - Total Number of vCPU: =786
> - Total Number of RAM: =2759
> Currently utalized storage = 50T
> The RAM and CPU are oddly distributed b/e VM's
> Customer who will access the Private cloud =80000
> i am in need of the best calculation for compute Node , control Node ,
> Server Specification and network requirement storage requireemtn

Firstly you may want to formally contact SUSE (these forums are
"staffed" by volunteers) to ask for their input but in the meantime you
may find the following links useful in determining number of nodes, etc.:


Based on your given scenario plus the OpenStack Foundation's formula and
default overcommit rate of 16:1 I think you'd need 50 physical cores in
your compute nodes.

Not sure whether your total number of RAM is MB (unlikely), GB (more
likely), or TB (possible) but whatever it is you want 56 of it per
physical core.

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