I have installed SLED 12.2 incl. SUSE service and may admit: some tips and tricks are based on support from Service or based on what I learned from SUSE.
Further, the paid service is money worth. I have never before gotten so extensive and good service as I got from SUSE (as professional)

In this thread I will show my experiences for installation of typical software on SLED 12.2, that would be needed on a Desktop environment for professional use.

Be aware about following:
SLED is a software package that is checked and controlled. This makes it stable and professional. But software opportunities are not sufficient. Installation from other sources violate SLED. It is a risk installing not proven software. Especially when updating core files, kernel, it can give significant problems.
When installing major updates it may be better not deleting the old files. Snap shots and recovery do not work when files are deleted. Only image backup may work.

Further: openSuse and SUSE work clother together. this makes sense.
Distrowatch compare versions and Leap 42.2 is closest to SLED 12.2, means should make less trouble.