i just have created a two node cluster with SLES 11 SP4. I have problems with the login to HAWK.
Logging in as root, who is a member of the group haclient, gives me the error: Error invoking /usr/sbin/cibadmin -Ql: ERROR: Thou shalt not become root.
Ok. I should not login as root, i know. But i always login as root, it's a server and not a desktop.
A normal user account does not make sense. But ok. I created a user and put him i the group haclient. Login with this account does not throw an error.

Now i created some ressources, but starting these throw errors. If i click on one of the links of the error messages
(e.g. Failed op: node=ha-idg-1, resource=prim_sbd_stonith, call-id=17, operation=start, rc-code=1, exit-reason=), i get the message:
Error: Permission denied for user 'bernd'. Umpf.

What can i do ? I have problems with both accounts.