Hi, I have a question regarding multi-regions in SOC. I'm studying the docs for SOC 7 and stumbled upon the question, how to deploy a multi-region cloud. That question seems to have no answer yet, so I searched the web and found this line in the release notes of SOC 5:
The region used for the OpenStack endpoints can be configured, leading the way to multi-region support.
And then there's the SOC 7 admin guide with this little piece of information:

Also, OpenStack supports multiple regions for scalability. For simplicity, this guide uses the management network for all endpoint types and the default RegionOne region.
I know how to deploy services manually (and create respective endpoints with the required regions), but I don't find anything on how to deploy multiple regions in SOC. The keystone barclamp contains one "region" value, and that is deployed to all services. Is my understanding correct or am I missing something?

Thanks for any input!