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I've had success using smt-mirror to sync ALL my enable repos:
smt-mirror --directory /tmp/foo
But if I try to target a particular repo:
smt-mirror --repository 1 --directory /tmp/bar
Total transfered files    : 0 
Total transfered file size: 0 (0 Bytes)
Total linked files        : 0
Total copied files        : 0
New security updates      : 0
New recommended updates   : 0
Errors:                   : 0
Total Mirror Time         : 00:00:01

I've tried giving the Repo name, etc but I can't seem to get any command using '--repository' to do anything useful.

What am I doing wrong?
The repository ID is not going to be 1.

It is going to be whatever is listed as RepositoryID when you run a smt-catalog -o -v. The ID could be a simple number for a SuSE repository or a fairly long hexstring for custom repositories.

Example:[*] [ 74] 1310: SLES12-SP2-Updates sle-12-x86_64
(SLES12-SP2-Updates for sle-12-x86_64)
Repository ID: 2013
Staging : Y
Source : S
Assigned to product: SLES 12.2 x86_64
Assigned to product: SLES_SAP 12.2 x86_64