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    Re: Re-installing when System Crashes

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    yesterday i installed SLES 11 sp3 in a Hp z420 with 2 HDD as u said it should ask Which HDD it should be installed and which will as slave but i observed it formatted both the HDDs
    I'm sorry the installation did not complete as you expected. Please note: I did not say it would ask; I said you would be able to choose. There is a difference!

    When a computer boots from a hard drive, it uses the first one: "HD0". When you install SLE, it will choose the HDD that will be used to boot the system. That may not be the one you want to use. If you have more than one HDD installed, you can enter the system BIOS to configure which HDD will be used as HD0.

    Did you read the SLES 11 Deployment guide?

    As you can see, the Installation Settings screen shows what drives will be partitioned.

    In the SLES 11 Deployment guide under Installation Settings, Partitioning (Overview) Section 6.11.1 states:
    Review and, if necessary, change the partition setup proposed by the system. Changing the partition setup either lets you partition a specific disk or, when choosing Custom Partitioning, apply your own partitioning scheme.
    This is where you would change your partitioning setup. Did you just accept the default that was proposed?

    Before any changes are made to your disk you must click on the Install button. Once the installation begins, you have missed the opportunity to change the partitioning setup.

    I also recommended a few other things:
    • Become more familiar with Linux. It is easy to make mistakes when you are still learning.
    • Read the documentation. It should provide all the information you need.
    • I would recommend you go with SLE 12 as it is the current release. SLES 11 SP3 is no longer supported.

    This is the forum for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. In all my previous posts I referred to SLED. What made you decide to install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?
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