I need some guide using this forum
Im new to this forum. I started using linux almost from scratch, a year ago (Feb 2016).
I have downloaded and installed linux opensuse 13.2.0, vmware workstation, established wifi connection on my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. I had defined samba share folder on my PC (win 10) and more. Up to yesterday (Feb 20th, 2017) I could do my work.
Yesterday I got a message that are more than 1600 updates. It seems that I had some communication break or failure and since then I have the next simptoms:
I cant launch YaST. It doesnt accept my admin password though I can act as su in xterm.
I lost my wifi connection. I dont get list of possible wifi connections to connect.
1) Is this the right forum to get help for troubleshooting
2) If yes what data, logs, info shall I post?
Thanks ahead, Shmuel