i have a server which is offline since midnight. It answers to pings, show the right ports open for nmap, but login via ssh is not possible.
Also the webserver does not present any pages. Using a hub to check network traffic to/from the host i see that tcp handshakes are possible, but nothing further. So maybe kernel is still alive. Local login is not possible, after entering the username nothing further happens. On several consoles. Same with HP ILO. tty10 shows kernel messages, but nothing recent nor informative, only some messages months ago. Today just the message that the link from eth0 disappeared for a short period when i connect the server to the hub.
Is it possible to get access via serial console ? I found a lot of tutorials in the net, but all needed some measures done before. E.g. editing /etc/inittab.
Of course i didn't that, and now it's impossible.
Of course i can reboot the server. But i like to know what is going on (maybe a hack), so i'd like to investigate the running system.

Any chance ?