First time on a forum so hoping this might be the right place to ask this question as I've researched for days online without a solution.

I'm not sure if it relates to the Firefox that came with SUSE, or SUSE itself, or something else.

I have a Virtual machine with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, Patchlevel 1. It installed with Firefox ESR 45.6.0. The Virtual Machine is an NVR which has it's own UI. In viewing a dropdown for languages, the font for Simplified Chinese shows boxes instead of Chinese characters. If I view the VM via it's URL in any browser, the characters are fine. I have tried various language settings via YAST for the virtual machine, as well as toggling various settings for Firefox through preferences and about:config. Character encoding is UTF-8. I then started searching down the SUSE path - could I be missing a font in /usr/share/fonts/truetype. I tried to find a ttf file for arphic fonts but unable to do so. I have compared various language/font settings with another Virtual Machine with the same SUSE version but it has Firefox 38.8.0. Chinese characters show up fine on this second VM.

Would this be a question for this forum and if so, would anyone have advice?

Many thanks