In the past, I was given a SLES11 sp3 (not SLED), and it had a full desktop environment on it. I think this was done by installing the "gnome" package group, which gave me the gnome-desktop (2.28) RPM, among other things. However it was done, it worked great. I had a server machine with a desktop I could use.

So now I'm trying to build the same thing for SLES12 sp1 (again, not the desktop SLED edition), but can't seem to do it.
There is no package group for "gnome", but there is a "gnome-base", but it does not include the desktop. There is a package called gnome-desktop, but it does not result in the rpm "gnome-desktop" being installed on the newly made machine. I've tried adding the lsb5-desktop, the xorg-x11-server packages, and the x11 package group, but even all of those together does not give me a desktop.

I think that I'm missing the rpm file(s) that I need because rpm -qa does not include gnome-desktop, but if you think I've got the right stuff installed, and just need to configure it, I'd be happy with a solution like that, as well.

So does anyone know how to add a desktop to a SLES12sp1 machine?
Thanks for any help.