On 10/02/17 16:14, fiuwe wrote:

> I should compile some cups driver for SUSE 12 aarch64 for
> raspberry pi 3.
> To do that I need libcups-devel, for which I found the rpm package. The
> problem is that I have continuos problems with dependancies and I'm not
> able to arrive at the end of the installation.
> Anyone could help me to set my system to be able to compile cups drivers
> on my raspberry 3 or to point me to find a solution to install
> libcups-devel ?
> Thanks in advance

There is currently no SDK available for SLES for Raspberry Pi.

Please also note that there is a dedicated forum for SLES for Raspberry
Pi (which is where availability of SDK has previously been raised) at
https://forums.suse.com/forumdisplay...r-Raspberry-Pi .

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