I'm just trying to share a folder on our SLES11SP2 server to a select AD group.

1) Run "Windows Domain Membership", enter our domain. Check "Also User SMB Information for Linux Authentication" and "Allow Users to Share Their Directories".
No problems, used a domain admin and successfully joined our AD domain, reboot SLES11SP2.

2) Create a new Linux user "testingt1" and we have a group in AD "Testing - Samba1" with users.

3) Issue this command to map these 2 groups:
net groupmap add ntgroup="Testing - Samba1" unixgroup=testing1 type=d

4) This command shows the new mapping:
net groupmap list

5) Create a folder "share-test1" on SLES and owner is "root", group is "testing1" and others is "none".
Right-click for properties of this folder, go to Share tab and select "Share this folder".

6) Folder is accessible is visible from a Windows workstation but I cannot get access. If I change that folder's permission to have "Others" assigned some rights, then I can access the folder. But this means any AD authenticated user could access the share.

Can someone please tell me what I'm missing or point me in the right direction?