On Tue 14 Feb 2017 07:44:02 PM CST, hdtodd wrote:

malcolmlewis;36534 Wrote:
> Hi and welcome to the Forum
> Looks like you need to head over to the openSUSE forums at
> https://forums.opensuse.org (same username and password) as this forum
> is for SUSE Linux Enterprise (Unless your running the SLES 12 SP2 RPI
> [Similar to Leap 42.2, it comes with free updates for a year, give it
> a try?). Suggest the Install/Boot/Login subforum, also select the
> prefix for the release your using

Is there an XFCE for SLES 12 SP2 RPI? I looked, but I'm obviously still
learning how to look. :-)

Not at the moment... I use Twin no need for X

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