Hi all,

We are in need of a specific kernel from SLED/SLES 11sp1. We have some systems that can NOT be upgraded from SP1 to a later SP. (It's a long story). But we need to upgrade the USB drivers which are built in to the kernel so we need to try to get the kernel to the last version available for that SP.

The machines are currently on kernel The last kernel for SP1 was I have found it on Suse's download site but because it is out of LTSS support, I can't download it.

Is there any chance that anyone out there has an old ISO from SP1 that would contain this later kernel? Or perhaps you have just the kernel rpm's itself. I assume that we would need both the kernel and the kernel-base. And am looking for the pae version but the normal version would also work.

If we can at least get to, that would work for us. If someone would magically happen to have this specific rpm and could share it with us, I would be much grateful!

(cross posting this in both SLED and SLES forums)

Jim Gosney