I'm thinking to get SUSE Manager to use it as a central script repository. I am sysadmin for dozens of SLES servers and I have various shell scripts and configurations on them. I'd like to use SUSE Manager, the Salt thingie, to keep the scripts in it and when I need to change something in a server script I wouldn't log in the server, but rather go to SUSE Manager, edit the script there and then it would be pushed to the server.

Is SUSE Manager suitable for this or do you recommend something else?

Another question, if we buy a subscription for 1 year and it expires can I still continue to use the Salt part until I renew the subscription again? It's 20000 for 50 servers and I fear that somehow, sometime it might get cut out of the budget. Hope not, but I have to be sure that I can still use the configuration and monitoring even if the package updates stop.