capekeppel wrote:

> However, both of the Windows 10 guests have the same problem - they
> are trying to update to the latest major Windows 10 build (1607) and
> they fail every time.

Windows 10 does have a few quirks.

Have you considered that this may have nothing to do with running as a
Xen DomU?

A quick Google search returns many results for this issue. You may want
to check there for a solution.

Here are a couple I found:

The "fix" will depend on what is preventing your update from completing
and you haven't yet determined that.

I would first look for a "Windows" solution. If you find something in
the logs that suggests it's SLES related, someone here may be able to
offer some suggestions.

Please let us know what you learn.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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