I just installed an SLES 11 system for the first time. I've been using other distros for testing for various projects (Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora Core 16, CentOS, RHEL 6.2, etc.). I need to have certain items listed on certain menus within SLES's GNOME desktop, but unlike openSUSE (which includes a menu editor called alacarte (in GNOME it is simply listed as "Main Menu")), I'm unable to find a copy of alacarte included with SLES 11 or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter (or any other gui-based menu editor). I've attempted to install the openSUSE alacarte menu editor into SLES 11 but every attempt has failed. In fact, there seems to be a fair amount of software that comes with openSUSE that doesn't appear to be available in SLES 11.

Since I have to use SLES 11 for this project, does anyone know of a way to get some of this missing software installed and working on SLES 11? Right now, my primary concern is having a way to easily edit the menus within GNOME. I realize that most Linux users prefer to use the command line to do most of their work and while I started out my computer career on the command line (with MS-DOS 1.0), I've been using Windows for so long that I prefer doing as much as possible from a GUI rather than from the command line.