then please stop and disable any other dhcp client that may run, e.g. NetworkManager.service:
  systemctl status network.service NetworkManager.service wicked.service # shows active services
  systemctl disable -f NetworkManager.service
  systemctl kill --kill-who=all NetworkManager.service
  systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
[the kill is required, because NetworkManager leaves running dhcp clients by default].
You can reboot here to ensure, there are no conflicting network service/dhcp clients running.

Further, please set WICKED_DEBUG=all /etc/sysconfig/network/config and call:
  systemctl disable -f wicked.service
  systemctl enable -f wicked.service
  systemctl restart wickedd.service
Then use the following ifcfg file ifcfg-eth0 (adopt eth0 to match the interface name):

and call "wicked ifup lo eth0". Provide the config using "wicked show-config" and
the logs "journalctl -b -o short-precise" and a "ps aux" output to me (mt at suse de)
or open a bug report and attach the files there.

See also: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Bugreport_wicked