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Thread: Wicked fails to retrieve configured IPv6 address

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    We've tested it and found out what the problem is: wicked requests some options
    (from newer RFCs) by default, causing that the amazon dhcp6 server does not
    respond then at all.

    An initial patch that disables the request of the further options will appear here soon:

    With the patch applied, DHCP6 works.

    With enabled SDK repository, you can apply it and rebuild the RPMs with:
    	zypper in git-core rpm-build gcc make pkg-config \
    		autoconf automake libtool systemd-devel \
    		libnl3-devel libiw-devel dbus-1-devel \
    	git clone
    	cd wicked
    	patch -p1 < dhcp6_req_basis_options_only.diff
    	make rpmbuild
    We are about to open a bug report to discuss and fix (also to make it configurable) it the right way.
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