I am sorry if this question already been posted. I am looking for the same thread but still don't find the answer.
I am setting 2 node SLES (version 11SP3) HA with OCFS2 with these steps:
1. From node A, I partition the disk (SAN) to be STONITH and later to be OCFS volume
2. Setting SLES HA in the first node (A).
- Doing sleha-init. NTP configured
- Format disk to be OCFS volume
- Restart openais
- crm_mon shows not error . First node(A) is online and stonith-sbd started A.
- The SAN disk mounted as i wish in node A.
3. Setting node B in the cluster.
- Doing sleha-join to IP address of node A. NTP configured.
- Restart openais.
- crm_mon shows no error. Online: node A and node B). Stonith-sbd:started node A.
- The same SAN disk is mounted in node B.

When one node down (it is same for A or B), the mounting disconnected. The mounting only work, if both node A and B online.
What i expect is when node A down, B can still use the disk. When node B down, node A can still use the disk.
What step that i missing to achieve my expectation?
Please advice