Hi All: I have a SLES 11 SP4 server that is giving me trouble. Recently I had to delete a lot of log files //var/log as my /var partition filled up due to excessive log file size. But I fear I may have deleted something important as now my server hangs on boot. The server starts fine but when it gets to the point of bring up the network interface it just hangs there, but interestingly other processes continue to load in the background. The interface never does come up.

The only way I have been able to get the server to fully boot is to remove the NIC, reboot the machine, delete the NIC in Network management, and reboot. The server loads fine but obviously without a NIC. Now, If I put the NIC back into the server and reboot and server will come up all the way just once, any subsequent reboots and the server will again hang.

I currently have the server up and running with a NIC, but I am afraid the next restart will cause the server to once again hang. I went into /var/log and made sure all appropriate directories exist and that they all have correct ACLs.

As always your help is greatly appreciated.