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Thread: CephFS, free space reporting

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    Re: CephFS, free space reporting

    Some thoughts after weekend:
    - Add the ( pool_raw_free / pool_redundancy_factor ) over all pools used.
    Not simply "add", as all pools still using the same and united object space.
    - maximum of the ( pool_raw_free / pool_redundancy_factor ) across all pools, included into CephFS.

    Commonly saying, such approach will break the rule "Free + Allocated == Total", but I'm suspecting the amount of "free" is preferrable over non-formal rules.

    Also, I'm cleanly undestanding the reason of multiple data pools usage in particular CephFS. Why?
    To set the different pool parameters (such as quoting / caching / replicas) in single filesystem? Why? To add more placement groups? Add them to the first pool instead... I don't know...
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