Following a successful installation of a guest Opensuse 12.1 in VMware Player from iso image distro,
on host SLED 11 SP1 Gnome 2.28, my SLED Gnome Trash icon started behaving strangely:

1. Clicking on it's filled icon results in temporary disappearing of all icons on the Desktop, with no opening of Trash folder.
2. I can still empty it by e.g.:
- right clicking on the icon and selecting EmptyTrash. or
- from GNOME Commander within /.local/share/Trash.
3. Trash.desktop file is missing on the Desktop in GNOME Commander.
4. Trash properties show right number of files kept and their total size.

Googling of similar cases gave no help except some hints on exceeding of its size which might happen during the
virtual installation.

Any new suggestions?

Thanks in advance.