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Thread: Firefox won't run in XEN VM

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  1. Firefox won't run in XEN VM

    As this is related to an inability to run Firefox in a XEN VM environment, I hope this problem is in the right forum. The platform is SLES11SP4 on both the host and the 3 XEN VMs. Firefox runs OK on the host.

    If I try to start Firefox on one of the VMs, nothing happens, after the timer disappears. If I try to run it in a terminal session, I get the following (even in safe mode):
    [24126] ###!!! ABORT: js::jit:InitProcessExecutableMemory() failed: file /usr/src/packages/BUILD/mozilla/XPCOMinit.cpp, line 709
    that is repeated, and then it says:
    Segmentation fault

    Any suggestions, please?

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