On Thu, 13 Apr 2017 19:14:01 +0000, driassetto wrote:

> If you are looking for a answer on this (As i did for a very long time):
> Basically the SLES 11 Kernel of 3.0.x that is the default on SLES/SuSe
> Linux Enterprise Server does not support the use of the vers= option
> with the mount -t cifs command.
> A review of "man mount(8)" will show that there is no section for vers=
> in the command.
> This is supported at the 3.5.x Kernel and above. And is supported in the
> SLES 12 GA.
> SLES 12 runs the 3.12.x Kernel, which has the support for vers= in the
> mount.cifs command.
> Good luck to you all.

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