Recently we disabled SMBv1 support for all of our windows hosts in our network.
Unfortunately, that caused issues with mounting Windows shares in our SLES 11 Servers. We have many SLES servers, running SLES 11 SP2 to SLES 11 SP4.

When we tried to manually mount the drives after the change to the windows hosts, we recieved the error message of:
mount error(112): Host is down

We can ping the host, we can do a nslookup of the host name, we have validated that the ports are not blocked between the hosts.

As these were production machines, we reverted the SMBv1 windows modification to the hosts that were required and then we configured a test share on a device with SMBv1 disabled.

The test machine is fully patched and has the latest version of Samba from SLES.

Sles 11 sp4 kernel: 3.0.101-94-default
Sles 11 samba version:3.6.3-84.1

In our research we found that SMB2 support is supposed to be in place with Samba 3.6.0. If that is not the case, please let me know.
Additionally, from my understanding, smbclient does not support the max protocol option until v4.1.12 (-m).

We have been using (unsucessfully) the following command to test mounting the shares that have SMBv1 disabled.
mount -t cifs //WindowsServer/Share /mnt/smbtest/ --verbose -o username=<NAME>,domain=<DOMAIN>
mount -t cifs //WindowsServer/Share /mnt/smbtest/ --verbose -o username=<NAME>,domain=<DOMAIN>,vers=2.0
mount -t cifs //WindowsServer/Share /mnt/smbtest/ --verbose -o username=<NAME>,domain=<DOMAIN>,vers=2.0,sec=<ALL OPTIONS>

Additionally, we have specified in the smb.conf the following:
server max protocol = SMB3
server min protocol = SMB2
client max protocol = SMB3
client min protocol = SMB2

We are still only seeing the Error 112: Host is down message.
I have validated that perms are present for the user for the share and for NTFS(silly windows).

We also did upgrade this server to SLES 12, in which it had the following:
SLES 12 kernel:3.12.28-4-default
SLES 12 samba version: 4.1.12-3.2

At which point our drives did mount. Which is great.

BUT. We have only around 40 linux servers that host production applications, and we have not tested enough for us to push to upgrade all of the servers to SLES 12 GA/SP1/SP2.

Is there a way to get these drives reconnecting with SMB2 and 3.6.3-84.1 on SLES 11 SP4 or SLES 11 SP3?
Any other advice would be appreciated.