This may not be the proper forum to discuss this, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with good Network Video Recorder / Video Management Service software for the SuSE platform? I've seen several which are available for Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS) however I'd rather stick with what I know, use, and get support on which is SuSE. It seems I've broken the Google button as all I can find for SuSE is SeeTec, which I will test shortly. Even a more generic software package (rather than one that requries the Ubuntu repos) would work. Last resort would be does anyone know of distro specific packages (like Bluecherry, or Exacq) which are essentially dependent upon one and only one Linux Distro that are available? Again I've Googled, and I come up with very few results.

Before anyone goes there I'd use zoneminder, however this is a high security type environment and I require software vendor support rather than a 'I hope' the community has run into this issue before should something go awry.

I'm trying to avoid the onslaught of the Microsoft Server, as the salesmen who are trying to sell the company software we need are doing so solely for an OS NO ONE in my shop knows very well (this in my opinion makes them poor salesmen, but that's a different discussion). Sadly it seems that the vast majority of the NVR/VMS vendors solely support Windows.