Thank you in advance for you time and attention.

I am trying to understand how package higher and lower versions are determined by zypper

For example
Package 1 is objectgrid-3.6.0_444.2-36
Package 2 is objectgrid-3.6.0_Audit.19-36

The Package 2 was created after the Package 1 was created but zypper says Package 2 is a lower version.

I am not sure on what basis is it determining that Package 2 is lower version than package 1.

The selected package 'objectgrid-3.6.0_Audit.19-36.x86_64' from repository 'Plain RPM files cache' has lower version than the installed one. Use 'zypper install --oldpackage objectgrid-3.6.0_Audit.19-36.x86_64' to force installation of the package.

Any idea why and how to find out the logic zypper uses ?