oh, sorry, let me turn this down...

<tap><tap><tap>Is this thing still on?

Howdy one and all, to those of you I knew and remember me, to those that
I knew and have forgotten and to those that I will be meeting in the

I am, unfortunately, back from Brazil. The job scene is quite a bit
different here than what I had hoped (not for the good).
I have found a job ad for a position pretty close to where I live that
deals with eDir I think.
All the products have changed so much since I last sailed the Novell
Seas. At that time Novell was still called Novell!

Does this job sound like it would be a basic eDir migration? I was once
a CNI/MCNE etc but its been a looooong time since I've dealt in support
so I'm a little apprehensive about sending in a resume. I'm guessing it
is going to be a stretch for me since I only know the Novell side.

I had quite a time finding this forum. I got to the Microfocus site but
had some pages that just wouldn't open. Couldn't find the forums until
after they did.
Solution = Google "novell sheep" and Viol!

I hope everyone is ok, kgroegman? Susan? Felton? Not that creepy Jay guy
though. Well, ok him too.

Anyway, if someone has insight into that add as to how much difficulty a
6.5 MCNI/CNI that hasn't touched eDir for a good long time would have,
please let me know.


P.S. This is my second try posting this.

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