I'm not sure my meaning, or maybe tone, came through properly. If you
felt I snapped, as in spoke harshly, please understand that was not my

Whether or not the 'routes' file syntax or use has changed between SLES 11
and 12, I do not know, as I've never tried modifying it directly, but
instead have always setup routes (rarely, admittedly) via Yast which has
worked well.

Assuming you can modify the system in a way that is persistent across
reboots using Yast, you should be able to determine what the right change
is for adding a given route, whether that's modifying the
/etc/sysconfig/netowrk/routes file itself, or something else. I could
setup another route on a test box and let you know, but my home network is
pretty simple/flat/basic so while I could define them, I would not have a
way to test them to ensure they work despite the configuration changes.
Still, what I would do is use Yast to make the change, and then look at
the snapshot difference automatically captured by Yast and see which files
change, and how. I could then rollback the filesystem to before the
change and try again with the manual (file) changes and see if the changes
still work and are persistent across reboots.

Good luck.

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