I actually gave up

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I'm going to tell about successfully updating a HP 635 notebook, but the procedure might be the same for other devices.

It's been quite a long way, but finally I succeeded, more or less. There seemed to be some peculiarities around HP's data and their partition /dev/sda1.

To prepare you should know exactly your SP1 partition table and boot configuration to type corrections during repair. Perhaps you run the tool 'supportconfig' and copy your system's data to an external medium in case something goes wrong. Before starting it's wise to prepare for US keyboard layout if yours is another, e.g., print page 542 of the administration guide. I made use of the repair option of the SP2 DVD.

A. Update
(1) choose installation, then update an existing system
(2) originally partitions are mounted by id. I got the error message "Partitions mounted by kernel-device-name" and let the program repair
(3) partition or system to update: SLED11 /dev/sda3 i386 ext3
(4) online update detects conflicting packages popper-tools and xpdf-tools. I decided to remove xpdf-tools
(5) reboot is necessary and ends with a blue screen after starting kernel 3.0.74- I had to reset the machine.

B. Repair, option automatic repair
(6) add partition /dev/sda2 to swap
(7) installing kernel modules for file system support was "Problematic, Loading failed for kernel modules: ntfs"
(8) checking fstab entries failed for "/dev/sda1 /var/adm/autoinstall/repo vfat". I chose the option 'ignore' and had to repeat my choice
(9) add suggested fstab entries: devpts, mount point /dev/pts
(10) you may now or later edit your boot configuration to add 'acpi=on', 'acpi_osi="!Windows 2009"', 'acpi.ec_delay=1000' to rebuild the old configuraton and modify 'splash=verbose'
(11) repair says it's been successful, so click on finish button
(12) message "An error occured during the installation. Exit or reboot." Rebooting succeeded.

Remaining problems:
synaptics touchpad: during repair I could use the touchpad, afterwards dmesg knew it, but I couldn't activate it. The synaptics touchpad was shown as activated in the sax2 GUI, it's options were grey and couldn't be altered. SaX2 complained in /var/log/Xorg.99.log: No drivers available!

Does anybody know a solution?