On 01/04/17 05:44, williambeachy wrote:

> I open my suse studio account with the google link. Later I was unable
> to sign in that way and used Facebook. I think I was allowed to link
> both accounts, or was give access to the old one. Now that I have some
> real projects going I am once again unable to sign in. Neither google
> nor facebook allow me in. I created a novell account in hopes to gain
> access that way, but nope, that simply created an all new account.
> Please help me recover my project.

This forum is for issues relating to the SUSE Customer Center (SCC) -
from the above it sounds like an issue specifically with SUSE Studio
which has a dedicated forum @
https://forums.suse.com/forumdisplay.php?43-SUSE-Studio so I suggest you
repost there.

Simon Flood
SUSE Knowledge Partner