i'm using lvm on some sles 10 SP4 systems. I'd like to have the ability of snapshotting some lv's, but due to lack of diskspace this is currently not possible.
I'd like to install another hd, create a pv on it, create a new vg and then snapshot one or more lv's.
Is this possible although the snapshot lv's reside on another vg ?
I'd could add the new pv of course to the existing vg, but how can i be sure that the new pv is not only used by the snapshots but also from the existing lv's ?
I installed already one hd for the snapshots, but now the hd is broken. And i'm a bit afraid of removing it because i'm unsure if there isn't some data form the existing lv's (not from the snapshots !) on it.
pvdisplay says all extends form this pc are free.