On Fri, 07 Apr 2017 14:14:02 +0000, achinayoung waubonsee wrote:

> I have the latest SM3 version installed and in testing. I attempted to
> install some patches to a SLES12-SP1 system for a future time. The
> action was scheduled to begin no earlier than 12:50AM CDT and, according
> to the event history, it was completed at 01:00AM CDT. The patch attempt
> failed. However, the event history provides absolutely no detailed
> information as to why it failed. The details from the job history
> follow. How can I get detailed information on why this job failed?
>> This action will be executed after 4/7/17 12:50:00 AM CDT This action's
>> status is: Failed.
>> The client completed this action on 4/7/17 1:00 AM Client execution
>> returned
>> There was no job cache entry.
>> (code -1)

That's a bug (IMHO). I had to open an SR to get through making it work.
We did a lot of things, and I've been working with support on three or
four different SuMa SRs. Minimally, you have to be on the latest version
of SuMa, the latest patches for the Minions, and there are some
(otherwise undocumented, as far as I can tell) Minion configurations that
have to be applied.

David Gersic
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