I am trying to do a new installation of SLES 11 SP1 on new hardware which uses an embeded LSI 1068E SAS RAID system - installer can't see the drives - when attempting to add the drivers, it prompts for a CD or other media driver disk - downloaded appropriate .img file from LSI.. tried burning onto CD - no joy, other utils offered to create diskette images - no floppy drive on this beast - found a PC that still actually has a diskette drive - after using the server makedisk utility - was presented with a diskette that can no longer be read by windoze so can't even tell what files I SHOULD be looking for... (and fwiw Linux community.. diskettes? really? thought we were all grown up past the use of diskettes by now)

so the challenge - Is there a simple way to get these drivers in a format that the installer can recognize? Otherwise I am sitting here with a very expensive doorstop that I could have loaded other O/S's on in a tenth of the time. Need this server up for a GroupWise 2012 migration off of NetWare 6.5 yesterday - taking far too long to get past this hurdle and the various internet sources are as clear as mud to this misplaced NetWare hack.

And we wonder why Linux has not kicked Windows server to the curb...

Mike Giovaninni