Hello all,
Im new you suse linux but not linux as a whole. I am trying to use autoyast to install SLED 11 sp3. I have set up a thumb drive with grub2 and i am able to pass in my paraleter to the linux kernel

linux /boot/linux root=(hd0,msdos1) textmode=1 autoyast=file://autoinst.xml install=hd://sda1/boot/SLED-11-SP3-i586/
initrd /boot/initrd

the installation media mounts and goes through its normal HW probe but then throws the following error

The xml parser reported an error while parsing the autoyast profile. the error is a directoryDocument is empty
start tag expected, '<' not found.

How do I get the profile to load to autoinstall the os?
any help would be greatly appreciated.