I am running a SLES 12sp2 server and using SSSD for AD authentication. I have Samba working, at least I think so but not certain. I can connect to shares but when I try AD groups I am not able to connect using valid users = @'AD-Group_name' but I thought I did but just couldn't add, modify or delete anything in the shared directory but I've tried the force user = AD_user force group = AD_group and that just makes things worse. Any good docs on setting up Samba to work with SSSD?

Besides that problem I have a request where the user wants to access the share by using \\sles_server\share\directory\directory is that even possible? I add [share] in the smb.conf and can access the share and have to click into the other directories. I try to make the share in the config as [share\directory\directory] but that doesn't work. Is there a way to make the share the full path name?