I am evaluating SUMA 3 and when I apply patches to servers, they are successfully applied, but I get a bunch of emails with exceptions for each of the channels. Any idea what is causing this and how to remedy it?


Exception type <class 'spacewalk.server.apacheRequest.UnknownXML'>
Exception while handling function media.1 Request object information:
URI: /XMLRPC/GET-REQ/sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64/media.1/media
Response sent back to the caller:
While running 'media.1': caught
<class 'spacewalk.server.apacheRequest.UnknownXML'> : Invalid request received (function 'media.1' invalid; path_info is /GET-REQ/sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64/media.1/media).