I have installed SLED 12 SP2 on to 3 brand new HP Z840 workstations. The workstations authenticate using NIS. When the machine boots and the user enters their password the screen is very slow to respond to the keyboard, sometimes the user has entered their whole password and only three dots have appeared in the password box. If the user enters their password slowly, sometimes they can login but sometimes it hangs at the login screen and they have to press cancel and enter their password again. It usually works the second time.

Once the user has managed to login the machine seems to function OK apart from one thing. If the user locks the desktop they are unable to unlock it, their password is accepted at the unlock screen but the screen stays black and does not unlock.

Any advice would be gratefully received as we have SLED12 SP2 running successfully on other machines, though these were upgraded from SP1 rather than installed as SP2.