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    This message:
    May 01 12:00:44 linux158 automount[1894]: key "updates" not found in map source(s).

    means that someone tried to access a subdirectory called "updates" under one of your defined autofs locations, but there is no definition for what to do with the key named "updates". Your autofs locations are /usr/IBMi (mapped in auto.IBMi) and /net/home (mapped in has a wildcard key, so anything would match that key. So this error cannot be a result of the /net/home configuration or usage. It must be a result of the /usr/IBMi configuration or usage.

    So, put in simplest terms, someone attempted to access /usr/IBMi/updates, but there is no "updates" defined in auto.IBMi (there is only "tools" and "depo"). Therefore, the result (rightfully) is a message that the key, "updates", is not found. This is very common and normal. Any user on your system can try to access anything they can imagine. They might mistype something (depot instead of depo, which has been defined in your config) or they might look for something else (anything) that has not been defined. Any time someone tries to access a subdir under /usr/IBMi that isn't listed in auto.IBMi, a message will occur that the key is not found.

    This cannot happen with your (since a wildcard will match anything and everything). Therefore, this error is not at all pertinent to any problems you are having under /net/home.

    Your other message:
    lookup_init:136: lookup(yp): map auto.master: Local domain name not set

    is quite puzzling to me. This message indicates 2 things: (1) autofs is trying to make yp (nis) queries to find additional auto.master maps. (2) it cannot seem to find the local yp domain name.

    You have pointed out that the yp domain name is present in /etc/defaultdomain. So #2 might be puzzling. But #1 is also puzzling, because your auto.master does not contain anything which would instruct autofs to query yp. The "+auto.master" line is remarked out, so in my view, queries to yp should not happen, unless there was more to your auto.master file than you included here.

    So... why it is querying yp and why it thinks the domain name is not set are both mysterious. But even so, I don't see why either of those would interfere with map usage, because that map is a local file and doesn't require you to get it from the yp database. So it's possible that this message has nothing to do with your problem, either.

    If you don't really need this machine to be a yp client, you might disable ypbind at least temporarily and see if this message goes away, and whether autofs works any better.

    I will do a little more experimenting and post again if I have further suggestions.
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