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    Additional reply:

    I added a "+auto.master" to my auto.master file in order to tell autofs to try to talk to yp. Originally, I did this without my machine having been configured to talk to yp (yp client (ypbind) never configured), and nothing in /etc/defaultdomain. And in this state, I did get your same error "map auto.master: Local domain name not set". Then I made my machine a yp client (through yast) and the error stopped.

    Later I disabled yp client and renamed the /etc/defaultdomain file, and rebooted, but even after all that, I have *not* gotten that error to come back. So... I'm a little confused.

    But even when I was getting that error, I did not find it to be interfering with my local autofs maps. So despite the confusion, I am not included to think that this error is pertinent to your /net/home problem.

    But, incidentally, I will add that your defaultdomain file does not appear to be correct format. All it should contain is the name of your yp (nis) domain. instead, yours looks like a host file entry for this machine:

    linux158:/etc # cat defaultdomain linux158

    And in fact, it looks like an exact copy of your /etc/hostname file, which it should NOT be. For that matter, I'm not sure your /etc/hostname file is the correct format either. I don't think it's supposed to have both long name and short name in it. That is how you'd make an entry in /etc/hosts (well, you'd put in the ip addr first, also), but this style of naming is not necessarily right for /etc/hostname. Reading online, I'm seeing statements that /etc/hostname should only include the simple host name, without domain name, of the machine. But I'm getting off-topic here.

    Given that your "defaultdomain" file looks more like a host and dns domain information instead of yp domain information, , I wonder whether you even are using the yp client (ypbind) at all. Do you find ypbind running with "ps aus | grep ypbind"? Do you have a /etc/yp.conf file?

    But again, as far as I can tell, this domain name error is not pertinent to your described problem of /net/home being empty / from working.

    You might try editing /etc/sysconfig/autofs, and setting:
    and then restarting autofs. this will put it into debug mode and it will generate A LOT more messages to look through. Then you can attempt to access /net/home/something and maybe get a better idea of why it fails.
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