I would have liked notebook with preloaded linux, because I like linux
user interface. Gnome is for me better than Windows UI. Copying with
mouse, virtual desktops, window always on top setting, compiz negative
effect, window scrolling without clicking in window and other good
functions. Unfortunately I have problems with HW in linux often and
therefore I looking for notebook with preinstalled linux, because I
thought, that it will be fully functional out of the box. And I found
only Acer with Linpus linux (which is often only console without
graphics enviroment) and HP with SUSE Linux. I believed, that SUSE will
be good because it focus on enterprises and enterprises need good
professional system.
But I am dissapointed. I have issues with ATI graphics card, with intel
integrated graphics and with wifi (wifi is solved/workarounded with new
router). It is sad, that if there was fully functional synaptic touchpad
in newer linux, I would use openSUSE, because has fewer problems.

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