Hi all,

I have Suse Cloud 6 installed with shared storage so I can test Live Migration. When I test Live Migration the instance status is changed to Shutoff and the power state is Shut Down.

I checked the logs of the nova computes nodes and the controller and the online message that is a not an INFO is:

2017-05-15 16:21:02.463 1588 WARNING nova.compute.manager [req-ac5fd5e2-db24-459f-b045-fad4bfbccc2a - - - - -] [instance: e4932875-c71d-4f5d-b561-a5c61ce1f1c8] Instance shutdown by itself. Calling the stop API. Current vm_state: active, current task_state: None, original DB power_state: 4, current VM power_state: 4

This is not really what I expected. I would assume that the instance is running on the other node. It is migrated to the other host but it is shutdown.

Any idea what's going on?