SLES 12 SP 2 - when configuring a bonded device to use stateful DHCP for v6, the IAID (indentity-association identifier) changes on reboot or when restarting the wicked service. This does not happen on interfaces which are not in a bond. The server is obtaining a DHCP IPv6 lease from a Windows Server 2016 running DHCP. You can see in the Windows box that a lease is granted, and you can see the IAID, but when the network service is restarted on the SLES host, the IAID changes meaning it grabs a new IPv6 address. This is not the desired outcome.

According to the Internet Engineering Task Force, the IAID of a client/host should remain consistent across reboots (

"The IAID uniquely identifies the IA and must be chosen to be unique among the IAIDs on the client. The IAID is chosen by the client. For any given use of an IA by the client, the IAID for that IA MUST be consistent across restarts of the DHCP client."

Anyone know how to make it so the IAID stays the same on a bonded interface? Is there a way to set a static IAID? (already tried the DHCLIENT_CLIENT_ID option in /etc/syconfig/network/dhcp to no avail)