On 20/06/17 22:34, cisaksen wrote:

> Yes we are running SLES SP2, This problem started back when SP0 to SP1
> the mariadb service went from init.d to systemd
> SUSE Support has stated this to me today: *Since 12 SP1 switched to
> mysql.service, it does not handle starting/shutting down multiple
> instances. *
> So for my server running multiple DB instances I will need continue to
> use the init.d script from SLES 12 SP0. Before the switched to systemd
> service files for the service.
> But for my single instance servers I should be able to move to the
> systemd service files. Just going to have to tweak the my.cnf file a
> little.

Interesting, thanks for reporting back.

I'm going to submit some feedback on the documentation as that's now
quite clearly incorrect. Do you have a SR or bug number I can reference?
If so, please can you let me know via a PM?

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