Hello Support

i have Problem about server client (SUSE 12) cannot register to SMT Server not done?
Could you please fix it up
**server suse12 for SAP SP2<== SMT server : SMT current can connect to SUSE ok
**Client suse 12 for SAP SP2<== client

1. after i run script i found error "Error :SCC returned 'Product not (fully) mirrored on this server' (422) "
./ClientSetup4SMT.sh --host smtserver.xxx.co.th --regcert http://smtserver.xxx.co.th/smt.cert

Do you accept this certificate ?[y/n] y
CLient setup finished

Start the registration now ? [y/n] y
/usr/bin/SUSEConnect --write-config --url https://smtserver.xxx.co.th
Error :SCC returned 'Product not (fully) mirrored on this server' (422) <=== Error

2. i try add repo from smt server to client and test install patch . it is work.
this is cli ==>client1#zypper as -n sle-12-update -t rpm-md http://smtserver.xxx.co.th/repo/full/suse/xxxx/xxxx

thk you