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Thread: SLES 12.2 udev and LVM vs /dev/disk/by-uuid and LVM

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    Question SLES 12.2 udev and LVM vs /dev/disk/by-uuid and LVM


    I want to use udev to provide unique bock device names and LVM for our Oracle Database Server.
    In the past we did this with oracle Linux but now we switch to SLES12.2
    The SLES Linux system is running on VMWare 6 some disks are raw devices and some vmware virtual Disks.

    We have two data-store one for backup and one for database files. Sometimes we need to add and remove disks
    from the system and we decide to use udev to get unique names for our block devices.

    /dev/sdd1 -> back_disk1
    /dev/sde1 -> back_disk2 ...

    /dev/sdk1 -> data_disk1
    /dev/sdm1 ->data_disk2
    /dev/sdq1 -> data_disk3 ....

    After providing the unique names we use LVM to create two big Data-store backup and oradata.


    Q: Do we think in the right way or we better use /dev/disk/by-uuid

    Greetings Till
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