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jk121960 <jk121960@no-mx.forums.novell.com> wrote:

> Those entries aren't in fstab, that's why I said automounting, they
> are other OS's etc. on my system. When I log in I have 21 partitions
> mounted 14 of which are not mentioned in fstab. I have 6 custom
> mounted partitions that go to things like documents and Downloads
> etc. Some of the parts are also like I said windows partitions from
> the OS's operational partitions. There has to be some mechanism that
> detects and just mounts everything connected to the system. It mounts
> them as if they are removables off os /media. Any help would be
> appreciated I am trying to evaluate this as a main desktop as I run
> from Unity and Gnome 3.
> thanks

Fire up the gconf-editor and browse to apps->nautilus->preferences you
can disable it here.

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