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Thread: Can't install SLES 11 SP4 on NVME disk

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    Our system can not install SLES 11 SP4 well on NVME disk. system always show up error like as attached. I tried to install on SATA is fine. so i am guessing is this issue cause by NVME driver? Does any one can share what is going on? Thanks for help.

    Intel Grantley platform with Broadwell-EP CPU
    Intel 3700 NVME 800GB

    Error picture:
    Did you check the NVME starting block alignment (divisible by 4096)? As an aside was the SATA device you tried also a new device with newer sector size?

    Did it always fail on the oefd-kmp package install? If so, did you check the md5sum of the image before copying to your install medium (which was USB or DVD)?

    What was the disk partitioning used?
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